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MONDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 1999: Brains for Hire

Jim tells me that their Redgrave meeting with Ron went well. Ron wants to push on with the work but balance the "pro" view with a robust governance process to protect NW's interest. It has to be the right decision for the company, not just for Andersens or the people involved (like me.) I think I should have been at the meeting really.

HR send me the cvs of a dozen or so NatWest Consultancy people who are now surplus. They are very impressive. One lady has a top Ph.D. from Cambridge in Physics, another guy has a good MBA; and because a number seem to have joined from academia or the public sector, they are not highly paid considering their skills. I pass then on to my senior team; it would be good to try and get a couple of them into our systems project.

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