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MONDAY 3RD JANUARY 2000; Happy New Millennium!

We spent New Year's Eve with one of my daughter's best friends, her mum and stepfather, who live up a bit of a hill in Camberley so we get a great view of the fireworks everywhere - at least till the rain arrives at 0005 hours...

Having read about the fiasco of public transport, closed stations and lack of facilities on New Year's Eve, I am now even more pleased we did not venture into London. That sort of official incompetence really annoys me. It just strikes me as being either incredibly inefficient, or extremely arrogant, both of which are amongst my least favourite characteristics. To tell people public transport was running, and then make them walk in their tens of thousands miles to a handful of open stations, without any portaloos en route, just seems incompetent beyond belief. I am hearing real horror stories from friends, particularly those with kids, for whom Millennium Eve will have fairly traumatic rather than happy memories.

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