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SUNDAY 23RD JANUARY 2000; Haway the Lads!

I time my work out at the gym to coincide with the Sunderland - Leeds match on Sky so I can watch it while I perspire on the treadmill. We are still resisting getting Sky at home on the grounds I will watch far too much football, golf, and MTV. Also Jane will divorce me for channel hopping between 23 possibilities, rather than the five currently that is quite irritating enough*.

Sunderland lose, with Leeds clearly the better team. Our dream of winning the Premiership, or even qualifying for Europe, which was looking possible at Christmas**, is coming to a juddering halt as we come up against a run of tough games. Well, it was nice to dream of Madrid, Milan and Munich visiting Wearside and the Stadium of Light next year.

2020 notes;

* We cracked eventually and got Sky - but I can honestly say that despite the football, Jane watches a lot more television than I do!

** I know, with Sunderland languishing in Division One these days it seems incredible to think we were in the top half of the Premiership!

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