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Sunday 9th January 2000; Channel 4 Examines NatWest

Tonight, Channel 4 shows a documentary on the post-war history of NatWest. It seems fair actually, pretty accurate from what I know, and the current events only occupy the last couple of minutes. It captures very well how we changed from a highly traditional British institution and developed huge global ambitions for growth. The problems and issues of the 80's and 90's are then well articulated. But it is interesting how none of the interviewees really seem to take any personal responsibility for anything that went wrong - even some of those who clearly should. Has the modem "no blame" culture (it's not my fault, it was society / my parents / my school /my allergy to artichokes that's to blame) gone as far as venerable ex-directors of major corporations? From this evidence, it certainly appears to have done so.

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