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TUESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 1999: Posh 'n Becks - Or Maybe Not

We receive the PwC proposal for Redgrave. It is a very impressive, thorough and detailed piece of work, but it does look like they are trying to fit our requirements around their already developed strategy. Jim Mann has got together a "governance" team to represent NW's interest in the Redgrave debate. This includes senior people from areas like Internal Audit and Risk. We hold the first meeting, which is a bit shambolic, as none of them know much about what has been going on. I try to enlighten them.

Later on, I drive up to see B (who runs Cheadle). I am staying overnight in Knutsford, where he lives, and we meet up with for a drink at a pleasant and trendy wine bar. He says this is a regular haunt for Becks and Posh Spice - which of course is what everyone who lives within 50 miles of Alderley Edge calls them, as they are all very close friends. To be fair to him, he doesn't claim anything more than the occasional presence in the same restaurant!

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