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WEDNESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER 1999: Goodbye, NatWest Consultancy

Meet Jim and the Andersen guys. They met Richard Delbridge last Friday to discuss Redgrave and it went well; they are seeing Ron Sandler tomorrow.

There is yet another function heads meeting to discuss the detail around the GHQ redundancies and next steps. Word is gradually getting around about what is happening, and morale, particularly in Lothbury, is sinking. NatWest Consultancy is being closed down entirely. This is an internal group of about 100 that provides project management, facilitation and general consulting services to anyone internally who can pay for it. It is also seen as a training ground for "bright young things" coming into NW, who do a couple of years in Consultancy then move into line roles.

It seems a great shame to lose all these people, who would appear to be a key part of he future of NatWest; or at least they could be, given the chance. I ask for a list of the lower grade ones affected, as we might have roles for them in our purchasing systems project. If they are bright I'm sure they can pick things up quickly.

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