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WEEKEND 27/28TH NOVEMBER: Royal Bank of Scotland Emerges...

There are stories in the press saying that there have been discussions between NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland which came close to agreement; but not quite. I work on Redgrave, trying to scope the issues that need to be addressed and a work plan of some sort. I also manage to fit in nine holes and thrash my friend on a windswept Ascot Heath (the cheapest golf club in the Home Counties because it is closed whenever there is a race meeting on - they park cars on our fairways...) Brian is a good friend and golfing partner, and his wife was another graduate trainee with me back in our Mars Confectionery days. I shared a house with her and another girl, long before Brian met her - all very innocent and organised by Mars in good paternalistic fashion!

I play well, driving the ball low and hard into the wind. I'd love to claim that it was a deliberate tactic, but frankly my driving is so erratic I have no idea whether the ball is going balloon 200 feet vertically or fly at high speed 6 inches of the ground, decapitating the odd crow as it goes. I also hole a few putts, and even win the hole somehow after driving off the tee into the reservoir on the 16th. Sometimes it's a great game.

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