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WEEKEND 4th / 5th DECEMBER 1999: ANOTHER NatWest Boss Needed - Really?

A very pleasant surprise - an old friend and one of daughter's Godfathers rings to say he is passing through Heathrow and has a few hours to spare. He is MD for Reebok Africa- a challenging job if ever I heard one. We have a slightly disappointing lunch at the Chinese restaurant in the village, which is usually superb, and discuss how everyone we know is going through some major trauma at work.

He will probably not be in his current position for much longer and has mixed feelings about leaving South Africa. He and has family have enjoyed the climate, standard of living and so on, but he will not miss some of the security issues and business difficulties. At least not many directors in the UK have to cope with shoot-outs between armed guards and burglars at the finished goods warehouse! Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reports that NatWest are looking for a high-powered Chief Executive to strengthen our defence case. What with Ron and Alistair Lyons, I would have thought that would all be a bit top-heavy.

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